Kiddy Kalma Yoga

Fun and Mindful Movement, Music, and Meditation for Kids and Teens.


Ella is an ex-High-School English Teacher and Drama Practitioner with years of experience working creatively with kids. She has worked on projects in schools, theatres, parks, and woods, and even as far as Tanzania and Nepal.

While teaching, she fell in love with Yoga as it helped to relieve stress and ground her at the end of a busy day of teaching. She also loved watching herself become stronger, more flexible, and more ‘kalm.’ From time to time, she and her KS3 students would spend rainy break-times practicing arm balances in her classroom, and it was watching how much the students (and her!) loved and enjoyed these moments that spurred her on to change her career path.

Now, she is a qualified Yoga Teacher and loves nothing more than getting kids on the mat and watching them reap the benefits of this blissful practice.

Ella is fully DBS checked and is affilated with the Yoga Alliance.

Kidding Around Yoga

Full of ambition to change the world “one peaceful child” at a time, Ella went on to train with Kidding Around Yoga™.

Kidding Around Yoga™ is a style of Yoga that was created by Haris Lender, ERYT, RCYT, YACEP. KAY encompasses the 5 branches of Yoga in a clear engaging method. A typical KAY class gets the children singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, laughing, hopping, limbo-ing, and storytelling ALL while practicing authentic Yoga to original KAY music. More information about Kidding Around Yoga can be found at


Ella travelled to India – the birthplace of Yoga – to train as a teacher of Classical Hatha Yoga. During this time, she underwent a huge transformation – in body, mind, and soul – studying Asana, Pranayama, Nidra (deep relaxation), Philosophy, Anatomy, and Methodology. She also ignited a deep desire to share what she had learned with others. In particular, she wanted to share the benefits of Yoga with as many children as possible.

Working in schools for so many years made Ella aware of how much stress, anxiety, and over-stimulation young people are experiencing in their everyday lives.

And she knew that Yoga would help them as much as it helped her!

Kiddy Kalma Yoga

Armed with new knowledge and much passion under her wing, Ella went on to establish Kiddy Kalma Yoga, which encompasses all that she loves: children, Yoga, drama, music, silliness, and stillness. Kiddy Kalma Yoga allows children to play and have fun – dancing, singing, and creating fun shapes with their bodies – but it also does more: helping each child to find their own inner peace in their own time.

Kiddy Kalma Yoga classes incorporate what Ella learnt in India, with KAY, and in her previous career as a teacher and drama practitioner. Each class combines traditional Yoga poses along with elements of drama, music, storytelling, arts & crafts, and creative ‘kalming’ techniques.

Classes will help children to become stronger, and more flexible, while also helping them sleep better and feel 'kalma' under stress. Ultimately, classes will give them the tools they need to sooth themselves as they go through life. They will also encourage them to be silly and creative, just as children should be... learning to stand on their hands in Crow Pose is just another added bonus!