Kiddy Kalma Yoga

Fun and Mindful Movement, Music, and Meditation for Kids and Teens.

What Parents Are Saying:

One parent, writing about seeing her daughter practicing meditation at home, wrote: 

"Since your class on Friday, (my daughter) has been practicing some of the yoga moves we have learnt. I was amazed that she remembered 'peace begins with me' and was doing it on her fingers and saying it out loud, then getting quieter, then doing it in her head! I was so surprised."




Another parent wrote:

"Kiddy Kalma Yoga is just great, Ella teaches with such enthusiasm and passion! She understands children so well, she engaged them fully in the practice of Yoga, including the history, spritual, and physical aspects in a fun and meaningful way."


One of our brilliant Kiddy Kalma Yogis came along to a session hoping Yoga would help him keep strong for football. Little did he know, it could do more than just that... He was flying in Crow Pose in his first session And we couldnt't be prouder of him :)